How to Use MyVoiceCloud – Getting Started

Congratulations on signing up for MyVoiceCloud. This guide walks you through the entire process of getting your first recording done.

MyVoiceCloud is an audio enhancement recording service enabling the creation of voice recordings mixed together with the audio track of your choice. The end result leaves you with an audio file which you can listen to over and over again to achieve the results you want in your life. 

This step-by-step guide walks you through how to create a recording using MyVoiceCloud.

If you are a MyVoiceCloud newbie, these steps will help you understand the essentials of a successful voice recording. You will learn about:

  1. Requirements
  2. Accessing your admin account
  3. Setting up your first Product
  4. Make your first Recording
  5. Listen to your first Recording

Additional tricks: Use a professional microphone top record with an external sound card to get pristine results

Tip: By following these steps you’ll soon become a MyVoiceCloud ninja.


Our main goal at MyVoiceCloud is to create the fastest, most advanced audio enhancement recording service that is out there.
To achieve this, we make sure it is based on the latest technology available.

Here are the system requirements you need in order to use MyVoiceCloud.
(If you are not sure whether or not your computer or phone support this, contact support).

Web Browsers

All the latest versions of mostly used web browsers for Mobile and Desktops does support MyVoiceCloud. The ONLY exceptions we know of is Google Chrome on iOS,  Microsoft IE and Opera Mini, which are not supported. 


If you’re on a Android Mobile, you’re free to go fully in with any browser.

On an Apple iOS device you’ll stick to the Safari browser to rock’n’roll.


When recording from your desktop we highly recommend to use an external professional microphone. As an alternative the microphone on your headphones can be used as you can position the mic using your hand to move it into an ideal position in front of your mouth.

All mobile microphones will make a decent recording as well.

Try to make your way to the best result by doing a couple of takes and compare.


Headphones must be used at all times when recording with MyVoiceCloud. We give you the opportunity to listen to the background audio meanwhile you’re recording your voice, if headphones are not used the audio will bleed into the recording and create phase issue and unwanted artifacts. And you don’t want that, neither do we. So please use headphones while recording. 


For best result, pick your spot carefully. Choose your conditions carefully from a calm and quiet perspective and an acoustic ideal. The latter meaning a room or space where the background noise is low and the reverberant is shorter. Bluntly laid out; a toilet or a bathroom full of glazed tiles is probably a very bad choice of space to make a good recording compared to your bedroom.


This advanced audio enhancement recording service has a powerful audio engine which demands high quality audio tracks to process data accordingly to provide an excellent end result, every time.

To give you the best of experience the audio you upload to any product at MyVoiceCloud has to be at least:

Format: WAV

Resolution: 16 bit or higher (preferably 24 bit)

Sample Rate: 44100 Hz or higher

Accessing Your Admin Account

After purchasing MyVoiceCloud, go to <yourdomain>

Login with the details you received in the email after purchase

After the login, you will reach the ‘Dashboard’ page


Setting up your first Product

Click on the Products link in the menu to the left

Create New Product

Create a new product by clicking on Add New button on the Products page

Fill Out The Configuration

Add a Title, Choose an image, Paste your transcript, Set a Speed (start at 15), Set options (optional), set a unique Category Tag name (like a SKU), Upload and Choose an Audio file (Wav format, 16 bit or higher, 44.1Khz or higher), Set Visibility (Draft or Published), Set Export Format (Now Supporting WAV, M4A and MP3) and hit Save!


You’ve just created your first MyVoiceCloud product. Let’s head on and do the fun stuff, record your voice.

Make your first Recording

Go to <yourdomain> to see your user front end experience. Login with your admin account or any sub-account. Each login will have its unique recordings.

Click on “Pick Audio and Record” in the left menu.

Choose Your Product 

See an excerpt from the transcript and listen to the audio.

Click on the product you want to record together with your voice.

Set a Unique Name For Your Recording

Click on the title field and change the title to something rememberable. When you’re done, hit enter.

Start Recording

Click RECORD and start reading from the transcript that starts to scroll inside the square.

Hit PAUSE to temporary stop the recording, will hold your session up to 5 minutes, continue by hitting RECORD again.

Hit STOP once you’re done recording and the session will start processing for you. This might take a couple of seconds depending on the length of the recording.


Wait for the processing

A new button appears saying “Wait While Saving…”. 

What’s happening is that your recorded voice is shaped to fit the background audio. We do some careful adjustments including cleaning out background noise from your environment, equalizing low rumbles and harsh frequencies, slightly compression and levelling the volume level.

Once everything uploaded and mixed the button gets active and says “GO TO LIST”.

Click on GO TO LIST to see your recordings and start listening to your new masterpiece.


Listen to your new track!

Your new track shows up in My Recordings List of recordings. You can download it by clicking on the three dots or right click and choose “Save Audio As…”


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