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Andréas Lengyel

I help revolutionary spiritual leaders create massive transformation for their tribe.

That’s why I created myVoiceCloud – the world’s easiest self-guided meditation platform.

I take care of the tech so you can focus on changing lives.

You can easily add self-guided meditations to your offers and:

Easily add recurring income to your online business… Leveraging assets you already have

Distinguish your coaching from other offers with cutting-edge spiritual empowerment technology
Reduce churn and increase loyalty with a very valuable, transformative product

Brain waves

It’s true that brainwave entrainment shifts our brain waves. I found this very fascinating and started to build a deeper understanding and knowledge on the subject, experimenting with my own created audio. The ears listen to the difference between two sources and aligns our brain’s state. Just by exposing our ears to the differences we can change our brainwave frequencies, amazing stuff. Really easy to use and benefit from.

Build and record
guided meditations

I discovered when helping clients to build and record guided meditations that they, themselves, all gave the same feedback; “when listening to my own guided meditations we’ve created, I really can see transformational results in myself”.

Game changing sentences

Spoken words are powerful. Put together in the right order they create soul sentences that can move mountains, nations and even the world as we know it. Combining transcripts with proven track records of actual transformation, together with brainwave altering frequencies is a winner.

Learn to listen

We learn the most when we hear ourselves. There’s empirical evidence showing that the perceived difference in learning from hearing others voices versus hearing our own voice is more beneficial for increased learning. We’re on to something powerful here. It does make sense, you know you better than anyone else.

Mixing algorithm

The software behind is doing the work for you. With a lifelong passion for creating music, I figured out a way to combine my music production skills to build an intelligent “goes for all” voice recording and mixing algorithm to put as the backbone of myVoiceCloud’s seamless frontend user interface. The outcomes are very awesome.

Soothing & healing music

There’s been a lot of experimenting with different kinds of music throughout the development of myVoiceCloud. As music too is energy, science shows that heart rate and brainwave frequency is affected by what kind of music you are listening too. Even our cells are affected. I help you choose the right music suited for the event, purpose and desired outcomes.

I combine the different technologies:

A tool to become the kind of person you wanna be!

Discover 5 Major Transformations of Self-Guided Meditation Tech For Your Life & Business:

Discover How

Brainwave Entrainment + Self-Guided Meditations can transform your Life (and Business)

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